Turkey took strict measures against Covid-19

Turkey, the second time taking tough measures against the epidemic Covid-19 is trying to protect the public.

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Turkey took strict measures against Covid-19

A second wave of the epidemic increase Covid-19 countermeasures Turkey, Monday, weekday curfew and a full weekend brought new restrictions, including a curfew.

“A general curfew will be applied from 21:00 on weekdays. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke to the public after the cabinet meeting held at the presidential complex in the capital Ankara.

There will also be a curfew during the weekend, starting Friday 9th. Monday at 5 am, he added.

Erdogan said some sectors such as manufacturing, procurement, healthcare and agriculture will be exempted from curfews.

He added that some shops that provide home delivery services, such as grocery stores and butchers, will also be excluded from weekend restrictions.

In addition, he stated that people aged 20 and under, as well as people aged 65 and over, are prohibited from using public transportation, adding that restaurants will only operate on a delivery basis.

Smartphone app required in shopping malls

Saying that kindergartens and similar educational institutions will be suspended, Erdogan announced a step for Istanbul and the capital Ankara at the weekend.

Funeral prayers will be performed with a maximum of 30 people, including the deceased relatives, and weddings will not exceed this number.

Places such as baths, saunas, massage parlors, swimming pools and amusement parks will also stop the activities.

The number of people who can enter the crowded streets and squares will be limited by local governments.

Erdogan also announced that when entering shopping malls, everyone will need to show their personal electronic HES codes to show the virus infection status.

As part of the newly announced measures, home gatherings, including New Year's Eve celebrations, will not be allowed.

Erdogan, taking the conditions of the epidemic as an opportunity, repeated his call to the public to quit smoking for their own health.

Turkey's president, said that the new restrictions come into effect from Tuesday.

Turkey November 20, weekend hours had declared a partial curfew from 8 street. and other restrictions until 10 am across the country to help prevent the spread of the virus.

When the second wave of the virus started this fall, countries around the world again placed restrictions on public health benefits.

Kovid-19 vaccine

Erdogan pointed to the rapid increase in the number of patients Covidien-19 in Turkey while fighting the pandemic in the country urged the public to be more careful and patient.

He also said that the government is aware of the disadvantages brought by COVID-19 measures and stresses its efforts to minimize it.

"There is no option but to minimize human mobility to reduce the negative impact of the pandemic," he added.

Erdogan increased the burden of the health system, stating that the cases of cold and flu increased with the arrival of autumn and winter.

"The lower we can keep the hospital occupancy rates, the more safe we ​​will feel in fighting the epidemic," he said.

Turkey's Erdogan explained how it has signed agreements to purchase 50 million doses of vaccine with China, he said, it was the first vaccine to health workers in the coming months.

He said the vaccine would be free for everyone.

Earlier Turkey's Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, announcing an agreement with China, adding that Germany continued to purchase 25 million doses interview.

 "The disease cannot prevent us"

Turkey's president also said that Turkey's large capital Ankara on Thursday to cut the ribbon and a new opera house, including open and will continue to invest in new facilities.

"However, we will present Ankara Turkey's first major opera houses," he said, and Covidien-19 measures covered by the opening ceremony will take place at a venue to be held with the participation of 300 people, the less he added. It can host up to 2,000.

This disease cannot prevent us. We will continue to move forward, ”he said.