13-Year-Old Oklahoma Gamer Breaks Tetris Record

Willis Gibson, a 13-year-old gaming prodigy from Oklahoma, has made history by becoming the first person to beat the original 1988 Tetris game for Nintendo. Competing in the 2023 Classic Tetris World Championship, Gibson, known as Blue Scuti on YouTube, showcases his extraordinary gaming skills.

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13-Year-Old Oklahoma Gamer Breaks Tetris Record


In a remarkable feat of skill and perseverance, Willis Gibson, a 13-year-old from Oklahoma, has achieved what was long thought to be impossible in the gaming world. He has become the first known individual to beat the 1988 version of Tetris for the original Nintendo, setting a new world record.

Rising Star in the Gaming World Competing in the prestigious 2023 Classic Tetris World Championship in Portland, Oregon, Gibson proved his mettle by placing third, the youngest to do so in the history of the championship. This accomplishment has catapulted him into the limelight, earning him recognition far beyond the borders of Oklahoma.

From Local Gamer to YouTube Sensation Known on YouTube as Blue Scuti, Gibson shares his gaming journey with a growing audience of fans and fellow gamers. His channel features content related to his gaming experiences, strategies, and the challenges he faces in the competitive gaming arena.

Setting New Standards in Gaming Gibson's achievement is a testament to the evolving landscape of video gaming, where age is no barrier to success. His story is an inspiration to young gamers worldwide, proving that dedication and talent can lead to extraordinary accomplishments.