Turkey sends vital aid to Gaza

Turkey dispatches 8 tons of medical supplies and health personnel to Gaza

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Turkey sends vital aid to Gaza

In a remarkable display of humanitarian commitment, Turkey has launched a significant aid mission to Gaza, sending a military aircraft from Kayseri loaded with essential medical supplies and a team of specialized health personnel. This effort, departing from Kayseri Airport and headed to El-Arish Airport in Egypt, marks a critical step in supporting the ongoing health crisis in the Gaza region.

The aircraft, a C-130 Hercules from the Turkish Air Force, took off at 08:00 AM carrying approximately 8 tons of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. This mission is a testament to Turkey's dedication to providing urgent medical assistance in regions facing severe challenges.


The team onboard includes nine highly skilled health professionals, consisting of expert doctors and nurses. Their mission, coordinated in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Health, is to engage in the treatment of the injured and provide essential medical care in Gaza. This deployment of medical experts is a crucial component of the aid effort, ensuring that the supplies are effectively utilized and the needs of the affected are adequately met.


This latest flight is part of a broader Turkish initiative to support Gaza. To date, Turkey has dispatched 11 aircraft and one ship, delivering approximately 700 tons of humanitarian and medical aid. This includes the establishment of 8 field hospitals and the provision of 20 ambulances to the region of El-Arish. This sustained support highlights Turkey's role as a key contributor to humanitarian efforts in the Middle East, particularly in response to the Gaza health crisis.

This operation reaffirms Turkey's position as a nation committed to providing timely and substantial aid in times of need, demonstrating solidarity with those in crisis situations.