Lachin occupation ended after 27 years

The city of Lachin, which has been occupied for 27 years in Nagorno-Karabakh, was rescued as of midnight. Azerbaijani army entered the city.

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The country's Ministry of Defense entered the Lachin region early Tuesday after 28 years of occupation of the Azerbaijani army by Armenian forces, according to local time.

The Ministry said, "According to the trilateral statement signed by the Presidents of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia, the Azerbaijani Army troops entered the Lachin region on 1 December.

Relations between Azerbaijan's former Soviet republics and Armenia have been strained since 1991, when the Armenian army invaded Nagorno-Karabakh, also known as Upper Karabakh, which is recognized as part of Azerbaijan, and its seven neighboring regions.

When new conflicts broke out on September 27, the Armenian army attacked civilians and Azerbaijani forces and violated many humanitarian ceasefire agreements.

Azerbaijan liberated several cities and close to 300 settlements and villages from Armenian occupation during the 44-day conflict.

On 10 November, the two countries signed a Russian-brokered agreement to end the conflict and work towards a comprehensive settlement.

According to the agreement, for Armenia with its armed forces withdrawn, the ceasefire is seen as a victory for Azerbaijan and a defeat for Armenia.