Who is Mahjabeen Hakimi, Is it true that he was beheaded by the Taliban?

Who is Mahjabeen Hakimi? Is it true that he was beheaded by the Taliban?

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Who is Mahjabeen Hakimi, Is it true that he was beheaded by the Taliban?

Mahjabeen Hakimi incident, which is claimed to have taken place in Afghanistan, caused outrage all over the world, which is already prejudiced about the Taliban.

In many countries of the world, unspecified news reports claim that the Taliban killed volleyball player Mahjabeen Hakimi by beheading him.

However, the reality is completely different. Because no such murder was committed by the Taliban. The truth of the matter is much different.

According to the allegations on news sites whose seriousness is debatable, especially in India, Iran, England, Turkey and Europe:

Afghan female volleyball player Mahjabeen Hakimi was allegedly beheaded by Taliban militants. Afghan women's national volleyball team coach confirmed that Hakimi was killed. It is stated that the Taliban shared photos after they killed Hakimi.

Who is Mahjabeen Judge, Is it true that he was beheaded by the Taliban?
Who is Mahjabeen Hakimi, Is it true that he was beheaded by the Taliban?


The claim that Mahjabeen Hakimi, who played in the Afghanistan youth women's national volleyball team, was killed by the Taliban shook the whole world. After the images on social media, it is stated in many news sources that Hakimi was beheaded in Kabul.

According to the news of Iranian journalist Muhtar Vefayi in Independent Persian; The coach of the Afghan women's national volleyball team said only two members of the team fled the country before the Taliban took full control in August. Stating that Mahjabeen Hakimi is one of the many female athletes who failed to escape, her teacher added that no one was aware of this horrific murder because her family was threatened not to speak.

According to the news in the British press, The Sun; After Taliban militants massacred the female athlete, she shared photos of her lifeless body on social media. However, it has not yet been determined that the photographs in question belong to Mahjabin Hakimi. On the other hand, it is known that Mahjabin Hakimi belongs to the Hazara ethnic group, which is an Afghan minority group, and the Taliban also hate and persecute this group.

After the Taliban came to power, strict restrictions were placed on sports, especially women's sports. Few actresses are left in the country, most of them have already left the country.


It is claimed that Hakimi was murdered by the Taliban. However, the incident in Afghanistan took place long before the Taliban took over the country.

The way the incident took place is not the massacre by the Taliban; it was in the form of a young volleyball player killing himself.

Here's the fact of the news: Mahjabeen Judge committed suicide in August.

They are circulating a person who committed suicide a few days before Kabul came under Taliban control, with the news that 'Taliban cut off his head'.

The date of the declaration of condolence of the girl who ended her life is 1400/05/22, that is, 13 August 2021


After the suicide incident, a "condolence notice" was also given to the newspapers by his family.

The advertisement clearly states that Hakimi committed suicide.